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The smartest mobile UVC light sanitizer in the world that goes with you everywhere. Mercury-free LED UVC light rays kill bacteria, germs and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes Covid-19.

Ultraviolet-C is non visible light in a wavelength of 200-320 nanometer wavelength.  It is a known surgical disinfectant/sterilization system.  As a physician and surgeon, we understand sterile technique and the importance of disinfection/sterilization.  

Our goal with UVC is to develop a portable system to deliver Ultraviolet-C light to surfaces with a universal/ubiquitous device that can deliver efficacious system that is safe, portable, and controls the dosage so as not to over treat or under treat.  

Also, the goal is to make this cost effective in a device that could be universally used and would be readily accessible to treat with efficacy, safety, and time efficient.  


Frequently Asked Questions

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How does UVC work?

Ultraviolet-C disrupts DNA/RNA by altering the pyrimidine, specifically finding covalent bonds.  DNA/RNA is in all pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc.  The UVC energy is absorbed and then causes breakdown of the thymine cytosine bond and mutations then develop in the DNA, which can permanently alter replication.  Therefore, it can effectively disinfect/sterilize these pathogens.

DNA/RNA is formed by nitrogen molecules including purines (adenine/guanine) and pyrimidines (cytosine and thymine).  The UVC affects the pyrimidines bonding mechanism.

By altering the thiamine/cytosine bonds, it breaks essentially the DNA/RNA and prevents pathogens replicating as well as disinfecting/sterilizing existing pathogens. This requires an appropriate amount of energy, which is delivered by power over time to a surface.

What is iCide Technology?

UVCeed analyzed laboratory testing using our device on different germs and the required treatment time to kill them. From this information, a predictive algorithm was created that uses sensors in the UVCeed device to give you real time estimates of the reduction of germs that could be on your surfaces. We also leveraged augmented reality to solve one of the biggest issues with UVC wands – the inability to know what and where you are treating.

By watching the surface your treating with your mobile phone you can now visualize where you have treated, where you have missed, and what kind of reduction of germs you can expect. UVCeed also leverages machine vision to constantly watch out for people, cats, and dogs in the treatment area and will automatically pause and alert you in anything is detected.

Is UVCeed effective against Covid 19?

Yes! UVCeed has used a third party lab test our device against SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes Covid 19 and have update our iCide technology to reflect and report estimated reductions of this virus.

Are there any risks associated with UVCeed?

As with any UVC device you should not expose your skin or eyes to the UVC light. This can cause damage to your skin and eyes. 

UVCeed constantly monitors the treatment area and will automatically pause the UVC light if any people, dogs, or cats are detected.

What makes UVCeed different from UVC wands?

UVCeed is designed by be everywhere with you. Simply attach it to your phone and go on with your day.

Also UVCeed is the only device with iCide Technology, allowing you to see what you are treating and let you know your estimated reduction of germs in real time. No more guessing with UVCeed, seeing believing.

Does UVCeed detect the viruses on the surface?

UVCeed can’t determine what germs are on the surface you are treating, but we can give you a real time estimate of what percentage of them would be killed during treatment.

Will UVCeed drain my phone battery?

No. UVCeed has it’s own battery source and will not drain your phone.

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