Frequently Asked Questions

My UVCeed device has stopped working after leaving it in a hot car.

Your UVCeed has went into a protective move to prevent damage to the hardware. Just press the button on the bottom and charge your device and you will be ready to sanitize.

Are there any risks associated with UVCeed?

As with any UVC device you should not expose your skin or eyes to the UVC light. This can cause damage to your skin and eyes. UVCeed constantly monitors the treatment area and will automatically pause the UVC light if any people, dogs, or cats are detected.

Why is my augmented reality disabled?

UVCeed does it's best to guide you with AR whenever possible, but when a surface is all the same color or has no defining features the camera can't map the 3D space. Try improving the light, or placing a pen, pencil, or sheet of paper near the object you are treating.

Has UVCeed conducted testing on bacteria and viruses?

Yes. *Using the UVCeed device in laboratory testing, UVCeed is shown to reduce Staphylococcus aureus by 99.9% in 15 seconds, Escherichia Coli by 99.9% in 15 seconds and SARS CoV2 by 99.9% in 32 seconds. Tested at 12.7 cm on hard non-porous surfaces.

Why is UVCeed detecting a person when nothing is there?

You can adjust your human detection sensitivity in the menu to help compensate for objects that might have a color or texture that gives a false positive. You might also need to adjust based no your skin tone.

My device does is not detected, and when I plug in the device to charge the green LED does not blink.

Your UVCeed device is shipped in a low power mode from our factory. Please press the button on the bottom of the device to exit this mode.

What is iCide Technology?

UVCeed analyzed laboratory testing using our device on different germs and the required treatment time to kill them. From this information, a predictive algorithm was created that uses sensors in the UVCeed device to give you real time estimates of the reduction of germs that could be on your surfaces. We also leveraged augmented reality to solve one of the biggest issues with UVC wands – the inability to know what and where you are treating. By watching the surface your treating with your mobile phone you can now visualize where you have treated, where you have missed, and what kind of reduction of germs you can expect. UVCeed also leverages machine vision to constantly watch out for people, cats, and dogs in the treatment area and will automatically pause and alert you in anything is detected.

How does UVC work?

Ultraviolet-C disrupts DNA/RNA by altering the pyrimidine, specifically finding covalent bonds. DNA/RNA is in all pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. The UVC energy is absorbed and then causes breakdown of the thymine cytosine bond and mutations then develop in the DNA, which can permanently alter replication. Therefore, it can effectively disinfect/sterilize these pathogens. DNA/RNA is formed by nitrogen molecules including purines (adenine/guanine) and pyrimidines (cytosine and thymine). The UVC affects the pyrimidines bonding mechanism. By altering the thiamine/cytosine bonds, it breaks essentially the DNA/RNA and prevents pathogens replicating as well as disinfecting/sterilizing existing pathogens. This requires an appropriate amount of energy, which is delivered by power over time to a surface.

Is UVCeed effective against Covid 19?

UVCeed has used a third party lab test our device against VARS-CoV2, the virus that causes Covid-19 and have update our iCide technology to reflect and report estimated reductions of this virus.

The app is indicating an area is already sanitized, but I have not treated it.

If you have duplicate items, the AI can have trouble telling them apart sometimes. Just click the green repeat arrow in the over right side to clear the current AR data.