My device is not detected, and when I plug in the device to charge, the green LED does not blink.
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Your UVCeed device is shipped in a low-power mode from our factory. Please press the button on the bottom of the device to exit this mode. The flashing blue light will indicate it is ready to pair.

Why is UVCeed detecting a person when there is not a person there?
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You can adjust your human detection sensitivity in the menu to help compensate for objects that might have a color or texture that gives a false positive. You might also need to adjust based on your skin tone.

My UVCeed device has stopped working after leaving it in a hot car.
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Your UVCeed has gone into a protective move to prevent damage to the hardware. Just press the button on the bottom and charge your device, and you will be ready to sanitize.

Why is my augmented reality disabled?
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UVCeed does its best to guide you with AR whenever possible, but when a surface is all the same color or has no defining features, the camera can’t map the 3D space. Try improving the light or placing a pen, pencil, or paper near the object you are treating.

The app is indicating an area is already sanitized, but I have not treated it.
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If you have duplicate items, the AI can have trouble telling them apart. Just click the green repeat arrow in the over right side to clear the current AR data.

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